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Village of Ampangorina

Ampangorinana is a fishermen village, but that is not all.
Here, handcraft is the king.

Meet the villages embroiderers, which have been handed down for generations the famous "richelieu" point for the production of tablecloths, so much that it is said that is in this very village that it was born!


Experience the dexterity of wood carvers, who will amaze you with their unique production of masks and statuettes of high quality.
Stroll along the picturesque streets where the fish freshly caught by the boatmen, the stalls of fruits and vegetables coming down from the mountain and the stalls with Malagasy craftsmanship mingle.

In this village that seems out of time, where children frolic freely and makis invite themselves to the party, you will share a unique experience with a people whose kindness and friendliness precede his reputation.

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