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Lokobe's Park

Terrestrial National Park, Lokobé is one of the few localities in Madagascar where the original forest of Sambirano still exists. The forest of Lokobé is the only remaining original forest of the island of Nosy-Be. Eulemur macaco is the park's flagship species.

Accompanied by a guide, go for a walk accessible to all around 2 hours through the park.


If you are attentive you will surely see:

The Brochesia Minima, the world's smallest chameleon with only 2 cm!

The Microcebus, the smallest nocturnal lemur

Boa Constrictor, the main predator of lemurs

And many other species ...


After the tour, a meal will be offered in the fishermen's village of Ambatozavavy.


Return to the hotel around 16h

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