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Little practical guide to use before your arrival at Floraly Komba

To come from Mayotte:

In forty-five minutes, from Mayotte, direct flight. and

To come from Reunion:

In ninety minutes, from Reunion, direct flight.

To come from France and Europe:

Paris (or Marseille, or Lyon, or Toulouse) Réunion or Mayotte, purchases and promotional flights on Air Austral:

AIR FRANCE: Paris Antananarivo:

AIR MADAGASCAR follow-up: Antananarivo <> Nosy Be

CORSAIR: Paris <> Antananarivo

AIR MADAGASCAR follow-up: Antananarivo <> Nosy Be

AIR MADAGASCAR: Direct or via Antananarivo.

NEOS ( and Meridiana (

-For domestic flights, boarding is usually 2 hours before the departure time and luggage is limited to 20kg per person.
-For international flights, you can re-confirm from the hotel, but companies ask passengers to get to the airport 3 hours before the departure time.



On arrival at Nosy Be Fascène airport, we offer a transfer service including taxi to the port of Hellville and the boat to the hotel.

Rate: From 1 to 4 people: 45 € / trip

General advice on your trip:

Before any trip make photocopies of important documents: passports; air tickets; driving license (keep photocopies separated from originals with entry visa)

Little trick, scan your important documents and send them to you by email. You will be able to recover them if necessary.

Let us know if you have special dietary habits or special medical situations (allergies ... etc.)

Give our contact to family or friends (phone number and email)

Health Tips:

No vaccine is required for Madagascar.

To prevent malaria, transmitted through mosquito bites, you must take antimalarial treatment. You inquire with your GP.

Finally, to reduce your chances of catching the inevitable tourista, drink only bottled mineral water, sodas or cocktails from the hotel .. Our tap water is not "not drinkable" but it is necessary be used to it. Also avoid ice cubes outside the hotel.

Do not hesitate to consult the website of the Institut Pasteur which will give you all the necessary details



Entry visas can be obtained directly at the airport upon arrival. You will just need: a passport valid for at least 6 months after your date of entry into the country.


We advise you to take out insurance before your departure covering: accident, luggage and cancellation. Ask your health insurance and they can provide you with these services or give you the appropriate contacts.
Check the insurance linked to your VISA Blue Card.

Object to bring:

- Comfortable shoes for small steps.
-Long clothes for parties.
-A flashlight.
-Solar protection: hat or cap, sunscreen, thick white sunglasses and t-shirt for swimming
-Lotions anti-insects!
-Small medical kit ...
- Camera, binoculars and charger for your batteries.



Dry season, April to November.
Rainy season, December to March.
Nosy Be has 345 sunny days a year. Most of the time it only rains at night.
The water temperature rarely drops below 25 ° C.


Electricity :

The electric current is 220 V, 50 hz and the plugs are of "French" type


Change :

Foreign currencies can be exchanged at the airport (upon arrival), at banks and exchange offices or directly at the hotel (1 € = 3,900 Ariary, in November 2019).
Banks are only accessible on Nosy Be and are open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00.

Hotel Floraly Komba do not accept credit cards but only Ariary or foreign currency (Attention: The use of CB is not widespread in Nosy be, in restaurants, other accommodation establishments and providers on duty).
In Nosy Be there are four ATMs
Plan "Cash" because you can often withdraw only 300 € per week with credit cards (depending on the ceiling of your card), and banks are closed on weekends.



Tipping is always a personal decision and is not mandatory. The value will also depend on your satisfaction with the service rendered.


Language spoken :

The official language is Malagasy, but French is widely spoken in Nosy Be.

You now have all the keys in hand to make your reservation.

We remain naturally at your disposal if you have additional questions

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