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Nosy Iranja

From 1 Day € 55 / person
2 Days € 150 / person

Discover the jewel of the Archipelago of Radames at 1:30 seuleument Nosy Komba speedboat!
Nosy Iranja is well known for his favorite place of nesting green turtles.
With average 100 clutches / year, attend this unique show (if you're really lucky, you'll even have the opportunity to observe an outbreak!).
But Nosy Iranja is also the landscapes breathtaking white sandy beaches, village and a short hike to the lighthouse where you can enjoy stunning views of the lagoon.
Another plus: the sun sunsets seen from the sandbank you will leave an indelible memory

Organisation A day or two days, embark with Tony to around 8am for departure to Nosy Iranja.
On the way you will have the opportunity, depending on the season, crossing the whales, whale sharks, dolphins and other marine species.
Meals, drinks and accommodation are included.

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